Working with parents and carers

Education in Partnership

As a small secondary school with around 200 students, we are uniquely placed to nurture very close partnerships with parents and carers.  We try hard to provide parents/carers with the information they need to support them with their child’s education, and when making important decisions.

Meetings and contact with parents usually take place within the normal cycle of the school year but we recognise that contact with parents of pupils with SEND needs may need to take place more frequently.  Students with an EHCP will have a formal annual  review meeting to discuss their support and progress but in practice, contact between all parents and school will be much more frequent. Parents are actively encouraged to contact the Learning Support Department whenever they have concerns or queries.  Our email addresses are shown on the SEND  ‘Staff’ link.  We are always very happy to meet with parents or have a telephone conversations as required.

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