Revision strategies

Revision strategies

As Year 11 approach their GCSE courses, revision is an essential activity to ensure that students achieve the results they are truly capable of.  Whilst there are many activities in school to support student’s revising, this needs to be combined with active revision at home.

The revision booklet below provides some ideas and activities which students may find useful during their revision.  They may also have purchased revision guides.  Revision strategies need to be active, in order to embed the learning.  Please support students by quizzing them on topics covered, encouraging them to put up post it notes or posters around the house and asking them about their learning.  Please also ensure students take time to do something active or different during this period, to support their wellbeing.

Students can also access a variety of resources online:

BBC Bitesize

Kerboodle (Online copies of science and Spanish text books)

Corbett Maths – The ‘5 a day’ activities are excellent preparation.


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