Parent communications – we are using School Gateway for our communication with parents.  Please download the app for smarphones to get the most up to date information from the Academy.

  • Parent teacher meetings – please register for parents evenings through the School Gateway App, or directly via the parents evening booking system. You will need to log on using the information the school holds on your contact details.  Should you have any difficulties, please contact us on 01237 431969.
  • Parents evening dates for 2018/19.  All evenings run from 4pm to 6pm.
    • Year 11 – Thursday 10th January 2019
    • Year 9 – Thursday 31st January 2019, followed by a briefing about the options process between 6pm and 6.30pm.
    • Year 8 – Thursday 14th March 2019
    • Year 10 – Thursday 9th May 2019
    • Year 7 – Thursday 20th June 2019
  • Parent pay – please use parent pay for school lunches, trips, transport and the purchase of small items.  Please contact us for support in setting up and account.
  • Insurance
    • Parents often ask what the position is with regard to insurance if students have an accident at school, or lose some of their personal property.When students go away from the academy for a residential visit we have insurance cover for medical expenses, personal accident compensation, and loss or theft of personal property and money.  This insurance will also cover certain one-day visits out of college, and we will notify parents of each case when we ask you to sign a consent form for the visit.

      For the rest of the time, when your children are at college or at home, there is no insurance cover unless you as parents wish to take that out.  If you should wish to do so, then you should contact your insurance broker who will advise you.  You can arrange this as an extra to a household contents insurance if you wish, especially if your children bring valuable property (e.g. musical instruments) into school.  The Academy does not accept liability for loss or damage to students’ personal property bought on to the  premises.