COVID-19 School closure information

Atlantic Academy is currently closed to most pupils, following advice from Public Health England and the Government.  We are open for children of key workers for whom it is not currently safe for them to remain at home during the day, if you feel this applies to your family, please contact us by email.  Updates will be shared via our school gateway app, please can you download this or access it online to receive the most up to date information.

Work is currently being set for pupils to complete remotely, this is being coordinated via the econtact book.  Pupils may be directed to other online learning resources, including the google classroom, to access more information and as a mechanism for communicating with their teachers.  Pupils with no internet access have been provided with revision guides and workbooks to complete.  Please ensure that pupils are supported to complete this learning, if there are any issues please contact your child’s coach in the first instance.

Further information on distance learning can be found using this resource. There are lots of activities and ideas to help pupils and their families stay curious about education. We hope you find these links useful.


Atlantic Academy COVID-19 Risk Assesment

MAT Attendance Policy, COVID-19 addendum

MAT Behaviour Policy, COVID-19 addendum

MAT Safeguarding Policy, COVID-19 addendum

MAT Visitor Policy, COVID-19 addendum


School closure and key worker – March 2020

Easter holiday closure and summer term opening – March 2020

Year 11 exam information – March 2020

Year 11 awarding of GCSE grades – April 2020

Maintaining contact with pupils and families during the school closure – April 2020

Phased re-opening of schools – Year 10 – June 2020

Curriculum support for Key Stage 3 pupils:

As we are unlikely to see the majority of our Key Stage 3 pupils until September, we have been reviewing the curriculum we aim to cover during this period.  Below are the curriculum overviews for each subject.  Our delivery from September will focus on identifying what students have been able to learn during this period, with altered curriculum plans to allow for re-teaching core aspects as required.

This information is also shared via google classrooms in each subject.

Year 7 into 8

Year 8 into 9

Year 9 into 10


Stay alert, stay safe.

We remind all of our students and families of the requirements to stay alert, preferably indoors, in order to reduce the spread and impact of Covid-19.  The temptation to go outside, particularly in this lovely weather, must follow the strict advice which has been given.  If you, or any of your family display symptoms including a new and persistent cough or a high temperature, you must self isolate, following these guidelines.

Everybody should stay at home, only leaving for specific reasons:

  • Shopping for “basic necessities”, as infrequently as possible. People should use delivery services, where they can
  • Medical reasons, to provide care, or to help a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to and from work, but only if it is “absolutely necessary”
  • To exercise, either individually or with other members of your household,  and to maintain 2m distance at all times from other individuals.
  • You can now meet up to 6 people from different households outside, as long as you maintain the 2m social distance.