Rowing and other adventures

This term the Year 10 GCSE PE class have started their rowing sessions at Tamar Lakes. They have made a fantastic start and are already feathering the oars and working well as a team and will continue to do so in the next half term.

Students from all year groups are able to participate in a range of adventure learning opportunities, from the Year 7 residential on Dartmoor to the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. This term students have been working with Donna Stapleford, our adventure learning lead, to developing their climbing skills. Overcoming fears of height, students have made steady progress over recent weeks.

Future trips are being planned, including some mountain biking activities. Watch this space for more adventures!

Learner Led Review Day in action

Students have been leading conversations focusing in their own progress in learning during our first Learner Led Review Day. Over the last few weeks, students have reflected on their progress in lessons, including recognising their strengths and identifying areas of development.

Using the work in their books, students have been able to show their parents where they have made progress, work they are proud of and how they have acted upon feedback to develop. Students then set themselves targets to work towards during the remainder of the academic year.

We have been encouraging learners to use the Great Learning Habits to consider best how they learn, and to apply this in their lessons. Many thanks to all students, coaches and their parents for their participation.

Great Learning Habits in action

Science students have been exploring different ways of learning models this week, from understanding atomic structure to explaining how cells divide by mitosis and meiosis.

Understanding how we learn helps us to make the best possible progress in our subjects. We want all of our students to recognise how they learn best in their different subjects, which will allow them to structure their revision when they are approaching exams.

All students will be setting personal targets this week through our Learner Led Review, with students demonstrating how they have made progress when reflecting on the work they have undertaken this year.

Using modelling to understand meiosis.

Duchy College Experience Day

Students in Year 10 enjoyed a practical introduction to the range of courses available at Duchy College this week. As part of our careers education programme, Mr Boardman organised the trip, where students experienced courses in physical education, public services, agriculture, small animal care and equine.

One student stated “the event was really fun. I discovered what the course would involve and I really like the idea of practical based learning which would prepare me for my future career as part of our family farm”.

Many thanks to the team at Duchy College who made this possible, including providing the transport.

Portrait photographers in the making

In GCSE Photography the Year 10 students had the opportunity to work with an amateur photographer, Mike Hayes, on portrait photography this term.  They had great fun with the different backdrops and lighting set-ups and practised their photography, and modelling skills, and were really successful.  

One student commented “In the lesson Mike had set up a background, lighting & other things to start a photoshoot, this would allow us to experiment with setups in the studio. We had three backgrounds; we used a plain one, street and night one & a graffiti setups. The first setup was not originally purple, it was grey, and the gel on the light turned it purple.” Another stated “We took turns using the equipment and were able to get a real feel of how it was to work as a photographer, photographing models. We had to position the model correctly so the image was perfectly lit. I was able to achieve some good images from trying out different methods that Mike was suggesting.“

GCSE photography is a new course we are offering as part of our GCSE options.

National Apprenticeship Week

Students are learning all about the opportunities offered by apprenticeships this week, as part of their careers education programme. This follows our Year 10 students visiting the apprenticeship show in Exeter last week.

Apprenticeships are a chance to ‘earn while you learn’, gaining qualifications up to degree level, and supporting local employers to grow their works force. Apprenticeships are available in an incredibly wide range of job roles and careers, and offer an exciting route for students to take once they complete their school studies.

Local employers and organisations offering apprenticeships will be available for students and parents to meet this Wednesday, 5th February, from 4pm to 6pm. Please come along to see how your future can be shaped.

Students take to the stars!

Friday saw the wonders of the universe open up to the students at Atlantic Academy.  

Years 7, 9 and 10 all attended a show in the Space Odyssey Dome, a 3D experience that brought concepts such as the life cycle of a star and black holes to life.  Year 9 learnt about how we are all made of stardust and that the atoms that make up life on Earth originated from the explosion of star. Year 7 had the idea of exoplanets and living on other planets brought to life and Year 10 had their life cycle of a star knowledge enhanced by a 3D story told by Patrick Stewart, as well as the concept of Red shift being introduced to them.

Students in Year 7 thought the experience was “awesome” and wanted to do it again.  Year 9 were blown away by the fact that the elements in them were older than their parents and Year 10 were fascinated by the fact that black holes were so destructive. 

Hopefully we will welcome Simon and the Space Odyssey back next year so that more students can experience these out of the world sessions.

2020 – A space odyssey

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Universe at Atlantic Academy.  On Friday 31st, students from a range of year groups will be exploring space science through the visiting planetarium and workshops.  There is a chance for parents and wider families to experience this after school, please contact the school office to reserve a place. 

Minecraft and microsoft

A group of year 7 and 8 girls visited the MET office last week, for a STEM workshop on computer programming.  Using the minecraft platform, and digital 3D modelling, pupils were able to write short peices of software to manipulate thier ‘world’.  The event was aimed at encouraging girls to take up computer science – all of our students were really inspired.  Many thanks to Mrs Clawley for organising the event.

Rockets and racing at Atlantic Academy

Our week began with a bang, literally, as students in Year’s 7 and 8 enjoyed participating in our Wonderstruck science event. Full details of the event will be published shortly, including winners of each of the competitions.

No teachers were harmed in the launching of this rocket!