Earth Day 2020

Out environmental ambassadors are always looking at ways to raise awareness, and to make positive impact on our environment.  April 22nd is Earth Day across the world; this week many of our students will access remote lessons relating to sustainability and human impact.

Here is some additional information, as well as steps which can be take to make a positive impact on our world._Earth Day

Virtual gallery of student work at the Burton.

Visitors to the Burton art gallery in Bideford would normally be treated to an exhibition of student art work from schools in the North Devon area. This year, the exhibition has gone online, and can be viewed alongside other exhibitions the Burton is currently hosting.

Atlantic Academy students in Years 7 to 9 have been selected to display their work this year. The pictures below are examples of the excellent art work being created by so many students. Many thanks to Mrs Mudge for coordinating the event.

Digestion in action – science learning at home.

Modelling in science is multipurpose. It not only helps students to learn the names and locations of components, but can also help to bring scale to life, something that has been emphasised in this Year 8 digestive system model. Not only was food used as a link to digestion, but the food was also then used and actually digested.A fantastic example of multipurpose modelling. What model will you come up with for your next science project?

‘Egg-citing’ activities at Atlantic Academy

Students who are currently attending school have been completing their online lessons, interspersed with some other challenges. Rounding off our Easter theme, student have been building structures to support their ‘egg-heroes’.

Students had to work in teams through clear communication, in order to maintain social distance, whilst making their structures. The winning tower supported 2 eggs, and didn’t break until 5N of force was applied.

Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives.

In the beautiful weather, please ensure that all members of our community are following the guidance to stay at home.  Please share these posters with anyone to remind them how easily the Coronavirus can spread.

Online Spanish learning takes off

Students have been taking full advantage of online learning, to develop their Spanish skills. The last week has seen a surge in activity, with students enjoying the competitions and skills practise using the Language Nut app. Pictured below are some of the records we have beaten; students can see who is at the top of their leaderboard through the google classroom.

Can you beat your points and medial totals this week?

Information regarding the grading of GCSE exams

Ofqual have now published advice on how grades will be awarded for students due to to take their GCSE exams this summer. Teachers will be providing grades for their classes, based on past papers, mock exams, class work and, where appropriate, coursework.

Exam boards will then undertake a standardisation exercise, ensuring grades awarded this summer are in line with previous exam seasons, as well as student’s prior attainment.

Staff at Atlantic Academy know their students well, and will be able to use all the evidence they have to provide the grade information to the exam board. The date for results to be issued to students is not yet publish, though we now anticipate this will be earlier than the traditional results day at the end of August.

We are still awaiting confirmation on the process for awarding grades in BTEC and other vocational qualifications, but anticipate this will be a similar process.

Further information is to be shared with parents via school comms, and can be found on our website.

Online learning resources shared

The wealth of online resources available for pupils and their families during this period of school closure is amazing. We have identified some of our favourites and summarised them in this resource. We hope you will find it useful.

If you have your own favourite online learning sites, please share them with us.