Careers SW support for school leavers

CSW is an organisation that supports young people as they make important transitions in their lives.  They do this through a network of Career Development Consultants who are all qualified career guidance practitioners. They provide targeted support to young people in education which means we have advisers linked to all schools and can provide additional help at key times including exam results days.  They continue to provide support as young people take their first steps into the world of work, offering advice and guidance to ensure they are aware of the options open to them and have dedicated advisers who work with those who find themselves NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Students who have completed their courses in 2020 can contact CSW for support in the following ways.

Adviser Online:  Mon-Fri 1pm-6pm


Telephone:                             0800 97 55 111

For more information, please see the letter shared with all Year 11 students.

Free employability training for students

Soft Skills are something that many of us take for granted; communication, team work, independance, time management and leadership to name a few, yet even as adults, some of these still require development. The North Devon Skills Board, working in conjunction with local employers, have had many conversations over the past few years about the readiness of young people today and believe that there is some work to be done to equip students with the skills and attributes required to enter the world of work.

BOOST Skills have created a very comprehensive yet simple FREE online course for your child to participate in during the first week of the summer holidays. Atlantic Academy would like to invite you and your child to participate in as many of these activities as possible, helping build the confidence and understanding of the skills required within the world of work.

End of term activities

Friday 17th is the end of a very strange term. We are hosting a range of fun activities we hope students will enjoy, wherever they are.

Students in school will take part in the alternative Harry Potter themed sports day. From team allocation via the sorting hat, to elf netball and Cornish Piskie hunting, we hope students enjoy our magical adventure.

All students are invited to form teams and join in the ‘big, fat quiz of the year’ in the afternoon. Work collaboratively through google to submit your teams answers, we will test your knowledge of the weird and wonderful from around the world this academic year.

Atlantic Academy is closed for students over the summer, and we look forward to seeing all learners back in September. We are holding induction events for our new Year 7 on Friday 4th September, between 1pm and 3pm, with all year groups returning on Monday 7th September.

Sports day – a little different this year.

Students have been set a range of personal challenges in order to compete in a virtual sports day experience. From welly wanting to speed bouncing, what records can you achieve?

Please share your results through the spreadsheet on the google classroom. Be honest though, the 200m welly throw would be amazing but will have to be disqualified for exaggeration!

How far?!

Virtual work experience

Explore a range of careers from the comfort of your own home! With the normal work experiences opportunities not able to go ahead this summer, a range of organisations are offering an amazing range of experiences for students to explore.

Aimed specifically at Year 10, students have received the links and we encourage them to get involved. Students will receive a certificate of completion once the tasks are submitted, which is great evidence for future employment or college applications.

We look forward to hearing about their online adventures.

Inspirational scientist and amazing engineers

Are you inspired by the scientists, health care professionals and engineers who have been working on innovative solutions during the Covid 19 health emergency? Are you concerned about environmental sustainability and want to work on local solutions to global issues? If so, the Big Bang Digital 2020 event is for you!

A chance to take a look at the inspirational and uplifting achievements of professionals in these areas, and explore how your future career could be shaped to join them in the future.

Tuesday 14th July will be packed full of events and activities to inspire and guide young people into careers within science and technology industries – don’t miss out. Think big, you can be part of the solution!

Virtual College Tours

Students in Year 10 and 11 have the chance to explore life in the different post 16 settings which are available to them.  Duchy College are offering virtual tours of their campuses , and students can also explore the options available at Bicton College.

Petroc have been working with many students in YEar 11 as part of the Petroc PACE programme.  Virtual tours of thier campus are coming online soon.

For any student in Year 11 who is concerned about thier post 16 place, please contact us at Atlantic Academy and we will support you.

Message to parents – update on remote learning

In order to support remote learning, we will shortly be offering online tutorials led by subject teachers. A timetable of these events will be shared, as well as joining instructions.

Google form links are being sent to all parents and carers this week, to enable us to update our media consents. This will include the permissions for video meetings and tutorials with teachers, which we are rolling out for all students. There have been a few technical glitches in our trials with Year 10 which we are working in resolving.

Additionally, curriculum overviews are now available on the website, supporting learners and their families to see the learning plans for the remainder of the summer term.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Pizza galore

On Friday, students learnt how to make pizza from scratch, and enjoyed these for their lunch. The smell of the freshly baked pizzas was amazing; followed by the unusual silence as students savoured their work.

Here are some images to get your tase buds watering!

The World at Work Week

As part of our careers education programme, students in Year 9 and 10 are invited to take part in the World at Work week, including virtual work experience opportunities.

Guidance for parents and carers can be found on the National Academy Website, alongside this link to the Barclay’s life skills programme.

We look forward to re-engaging with pupils and local employers for our on site careers programme when we are back in school.