Local employers add value to careers education

Many thanks to local employers who have given up thier time to speak to students as part of our careers programme.  This term we have hosted speakers from the sports and leisure sector, conservation, vetinary science, accountancy and the RNLI.  These sessions are valuable to offer all students the chance to find out about different careers and the routes people can take to access them.  Students really enjoyed the event and we look forward to further engagement with employers over the coming months.

National Citizenship Service success

We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Academy has gained a silver award in recognition of our support for the National Citizenship Service. This requires over 25% of our Year 11 students to complete the NCS programme in the summer after completing thier GCSEs. Speaking to these students, we understand what an incredible programme this is, and how it has development many skills, including resilience, confidence and leadership.

Well done to all involved – we will aim for the Gold award next year!

New menus meet student approval

Our new menus launched this half term have met with approval from the students. Tasting activities have encouraged students to try something new, including from our ‘meat free Monday’ menu. All of our food is cooked fresh on site every day, please use the school gateway app to order lunches.

Shoal of herrings on Clovelly quay

KS3 art students have been busy creating a shoal of herrings, for the art competition held on at Clovelly this weekend. Forming part of the Clovelly Herring Festival, students studied the form and colours observed on herrings before using a variety of techniques to create their fish. The shoal will be displayed at Atlantic Academy after the event.

Children in Need 2019 fundraising gets started.

Student leaders started this half term by leading an assembly on charities, including why they have chosen the different charities this year and the fund raising which has come from this. This was then followed by a ‘spooktacular’ Halloween themed non-uniform day in aid of children in need. We will be holding a bake sale on the Children in Need day, and welcome other fundraising ideas from students.

Students experience careers with the Royal Marines

On Wednesday 30th October we welcomed three members of the Royal Marines Visibility Team (RMVT) to Atlantic Academy to inform students of the opportunities and pathways available to them at post-16 level. The students who signed up to this event have expressed an interest in becoming a part of one of the Forces and felt that this was an experience that would help them consider their career pathway further. Initially the students engaged in a presentation with videos and real life accounts of what is what like to be a Royal Marine. This then led on to Sgt Tom sharing his knowledge about the skills and qualifications required to be successful in the Forces. The second half of the visit saw the students move outside and participate in a physical training exercise where the students certainly seemed to have been tested on their physical ability.

Sgt Tom stated “the students are a credit to the school. They were fully engaged throughout the entire process, asking relative questions and giving their all during the physical session. Many have a lot of potential and I have that some of them can pursue this is the future”.
Feedback from the students:
“It was an interesting experience. A lot of questions I had were answered and they treated us like young adults. The PT was very difficult but it was worth it at the end because you know you have done training that people in the Marines do and that was a great achievement. They were also really friendly and supportive.”
“It was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed it because it was all the things I love. Lots of training and hard work! I have always wanted to go in to the Army but having this opportunity made me think that I might want to join the Royal Marine Commandos.”
“I found today an amazing experience to show me what support the Marines can give to young people like myself and how it can help your mental and physical fitness. I feel that everyone should have this experience to see how hard people train for our country.”
“I have learnt dozens of new things from determination to teamwork. It has hugely inspired me to give 100% with everything I do and I think I will try and get in to the Marines as I loved everything about it, especially the challenges and people you meet.”

New menus reflect student votes

Our new canteen menus begin this week, and have been updated to reflect the choices of students. The Atlantic Academy environmental ambassadors, along with the student council, have led debates on what actions we can undertake to reduce our environmental impact. The student body have reflected on reducing the amount of meat in our diet, and created new menus to support this. From the November 2019, we have adopted ‘meat free Monday’ as part of this work.

We aim to continue developing our menus, to increase the amount of food from local producers, to reduce the distance our food travels and to reduce plastic coming into the school.

Royal Marine Commandos to visit Atlantic Academy

On Wednesday 30th October, the Royal Marine Commandos will be working with students who are interested in exploring career choices within the armed forces.

Students will participate in team building and physical training activities, as well as a workshop.  If you are interested, please see Mr Boardman for more details. 

GCSE photography take inspiration from the Burton Gallary

On Friday 4th October the GCSE Photography group visited The Burton, Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford.  We visited the Michael Morpurgo installation and the museum area, where the students also enjoyed trying to make pottery online. 

Julian, the Learning and Education manager, talked to us about how Europeans read portraits and the choices that the sitter’s made as to what they might wear and how they might stand to create a representation of them … a little like we do now as a “selfie”.

We spent time documenting what we saw and working on taking photographs from different viewpoints and to not reflect the light from the different sources.  Since the visit we have been reviewing our photographs and here are a selection of the students best shots:





After the visit the students said:

“I really enjoyed the trip because it was very interesting to go around and take pictures, review them and retake them to progress my photography skills. I learned how take photos from different angles and not get glares or reflections on pieces of glass that have been lit up”

“I really enjoyed walking around looking at all the amazing art and old things I especially liked the Michael Morpurgo experience.I learnt how to get the right angle on photos without any glare”. 

“I liked the visit to the Burton Art Gallery. We learned more about photography (the angles we take photos, what’s in the background of photos) and we got more experience of taking photos outside the classroom. “

Find your future at our Careers Fair

We are looking forward to welcoming a range of institutions, employers and educational providers to our careers fair, on Wednesday 30th October, from 4pm to 6pm.

The event is open to all year groups, and forms part of our support for students to plan their post 16 destinations.  We look forward to seeing you there.