Assessment and progress

Assessment and progress

All pupils will receive personalised target grades, which we will report progress against.  These use the new 9-1 GCSE grades, reflecting the 5 year journey between the end of Primary phase education and pupils sitting their GCSEs.  We will share information regarding pupil progress towards their targets with parents at least termly, with one parent’s evening for each year group.

In 2019/20 we will also be sharing pupil progress in subjects through parents and carers reviewing work in books, including pupil’s own reflections on their progress. Exercise books and pupil work will also be available to support conversations at parent teacher meetings. Additionally, we will be inviting all parents to attend our Learner Led Review Day, in the Spring term, for pupils, parents and their coach to discuss progress.  For more information about assessment and reporting, please see the letter sent to all parents.

We are always happy to discuss pupil progress with parents and carers, by contacting us directly at the Academy.

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