Careers talks round 1 – October 2020. The virtual experience.

Like never before has the message on career opportunities been ever so poignant. All around us we are seeing and hearing about jobs being lost and opportunities taken, with many people beginning new ventures as old ones come to an end. We feel that this is an important moment in time to continue to provide the young people of Atlantic Academy with an insight into the life and work of many different industries. Due to school restrictions we are currently unable to welcome these inspiring individuals into school to speak to our students face to face, so as an alternative, they have been very kind as to provide us with a recorded presentation about their work and the skills and attributes required to be successful. Each short presentation provides information about the industry to get the students to think about what would be expected of them if they were to pursue a career within the industry. For each round of careers talks we provide the students with four contrasting options and they have to select two, meaning that the selection is down to them. There are in total, six rounds of career talks over an academic year and each one is completely different. Like kids in a sweet shop, the selection process can be rather challenging so to help satisfy our students desire to learn, we have decided to make each of the presentations accessible, here on our website, on our careers information page.
Can I take this opportunity to thank Lucy Warner from the NHS, Paula Hook from Willmott Dixon, Julian Vayne from The Burton Art Gallery and finally Ben Sanders the Polar Explorer.