Portrait photographers in the making

In GCSE Photography the Year 10 students had the opportunity to work with an amateur photographer, Mike Hayes, on portrait photography this term.  They had great fun with the different backdrops and lighting set-ups and practised their photography, and modelling skills, and were really successful.  

One student commented “In the lesson Mike had set up a background, lighting & other things to start a photoshoot, this would allow us to experiment with setups in the studio. We had three backgrounds; we used a plain one, street and night one & a graffiti setups. The first setup was not originally purple, it was grey, and the gel on the light turned it purple.” Another stated “We took turns using the equipment and were able to get a real feel of how it was to work as a photographer, photographing models. We had to position the model correctly so the image was perfectly lit. I was able to achieve some good images from trying out different methods that Mike was suggesting.“

GCSE photography is a new course we are offering as part of our GCSE options.