Students take to the stars!

Friday saw the wonders of the universe open up to the students at Atlantic Academy.  

Years 7, 9 and 10 all attended a show in the Space Odyssey Dome, a 3D experience that brought concepts such as the life cycle of a star and black holes to life.  Year 9 learnt about how we are all made of stardust and that the atoms that make up life on Earth originated from the explosion of star. Year 7 had the idea of exoplanets and living on other planets brought to life and Year 10 had their life cycle of a star knowledge enhanced by a 3D story told by Patrick Stewart, as well as the concept of Red shift being introduced to them.

Students in Year 7 thought the experience was “awesome” and wanted to do it again.  Year 9 were blown away by the fact that the elements in them were older than their parents and Year 10 were fascinated by the fact that black holes were so destructive. 

Hopefully we will welcome Simon and the Space Odyssey back next year so that more students can experience these out of the world sessions.