Students challenge parliamentary candidates.

Students enjoyed a lively debate with 2 of the candidates standing for election this week. David Chalmers from the Liberal Democrat’s and Siobhan Strode from the Labour party presented their policies for the key areas of interest for our students, before answering questions. Our student body have expressed their interest in improving the environment, better support for mental health and increasing local employment opportunities; to hear how these parties would address these needs if they are elected prompted further debate and discussion.

Student questions ranged from provision of affordable and accessible transport for rural communities, to local economic development. Many of the questions reflected students’ interest in environmental sustainability, particularly the drive for a plastic free Torridge, reducing the use of plastics in supermarkets and issues surrounding electric vehicles.

The candidates were impressed by the range of questions asked by students, their interests and how they were reflecting on the issues which will affect future generations. We thanks David and Siobhan for their time, and trust that the voices of young people, including our students, are firmly in the minds of local and national decision makers.

Staff from Atlantic Academy with Siobhan Strode and David Chalmers