Students experience careers with the Royal Marines

On Wednesday 30th October we welcomed three members of the Royal Marines Visibility Team (RMVT) to Atlantic Academy to inform students of the opportunities and pathways available to them at post-16 level. The students who signed up to this event have expressed an interest in becoming a part of one of the Forces and felt that this was an experience that would help them consider their career pathway further. Initially the students engaged in a presentation with videos and real life accounts of what is what like to be a Royal Marine. This then led on to Sgt Tom sharing his knowledge about the skills and qualifications required to be successful in the Forces. The second half of the visit saw the students move outside and participate in a physical training exercise where the students certainly seemed to have been tested on their physical ability.

Sgt Tom stated “the students are a credit to the school. They were fully engaged throughout the entire process, asking relative questions and giving their all during the physical session. Many have a lot of potential and I have that some of them can pursue this is the future”.
Feedback from the students:
“It was an interesting experience. A lot of questions I had were answered and they treated us like young adults. The PT was very difficult but it was worth it at the end because you know you have done training that people in the Marines do and that was a great achievement. They were also really friendly and supportive.”
“It was a great opportunity and I really enjoyed it because it was all the things I love. Lots of training and hard work! I have always wanted to go in to the Army but having this opportunity made me think that I might want to join the Royal Marine Commandos.”
“I found today an amazing experience to show me what support the Marines can give to young people like myself and how it can help your mental and physical fitness. I feel that everyone should have this experience to see how hard people train for our country.”
“I have learnt dozens of new things from determination to teamwork. It has hugely inspired me to give 100% with everything I do and I think I will try and get in to the Marines as I loved everything about it, especially the challenges and people you meet.”