GCSE photography take inspiration from the Burton Gallary

On Friday 4th October the GCSE Photography group visited The Burton, Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford.  We visited the Michael Morpurgo installation and the museum area, where the students also enjoyed trying to make pottery online. 

Julian, the Learning and Education manager, talked to us about how Europeans read portraits and the choices that the sitter’s made as to what they might wear and how they might stand to create a representation of them … a little like we do now as a “selfie”.

We spent time documenting what we saw and working on taking photographs from different viewpoints and to not reflect the light from the different sources.  Since the visit we have been reviewing our photographs and here are a selection of the students best shots:





After the visit the students said:

“I really enjoyed the trip because it was very interesting to go around and take pictures, review them and retake them to progress my photography skills. I learned how take photos from different angles and not get glares or reflections on pieces of glass that have been lit up”

“I really enjoyed walking around looking at all the amazing art and old things I especially liked the Michael Morpurgo experience.I learnt how to get the right angle on photos without any glare”. 

“I liked the visit to the Burton Art Gallery. We learned more about photography (the angles we take photos, what’s in the background of photos) and we got more experience of taking photos outside the classroom. “