Our first few weeks at Atlantic Academy

The student council, has been canvassing the views of students on our new school.  Here are some of the reactions:

Year 7 student – ”My first few days at Atlantic Academy were amazing. The teachers are really kind and I feel like I have already made progress.”
Year 8 student – ”I think the new school is amazing and it was built really well. I’m really happy at Atlantic Academy and feel my transition from year seven to year eight was good.”
Year 9 student- ”I feel like I have completed more work since being at Atlantic Academy and I feel like I have achieved a lot since the new school.”
Year 10 student- ” So happy with the new school building and the changes they’ve made to the school rules and all of the new organisation. I liked Route 39 but I like Atlantic Academy much more. Happy to be here.”
Year 11 student – ”The new school building is amazing and I can’t wait to spend my last year here. I like what they’ve done with the new school rules because I think it’s going to change Atlantic Academy for the better.”